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by Eastside Realty Group, LLC 02/04/2024

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While the bathroom may not be the center of your home, it’s a vital part of the house. Sprucing up the bathroom can give it a fresh appeal, which in turn makes the space more enjoyable. The best thing is you can make many stylish changes completely with DIY bathroom decor ideas. 

Barn wood-framed bathroom mirror

The bathroom vanity mirror is a major focal point when you enter the room. Try starting off your DIY bathroom projects by adding some pizzazz with a DIY barn wood frame. Create a new mirror frame with reclaimed wood planks for an eclectic and delightfully rustic aesthetic. 

Minimal bathroom with DIY light fixtures

As a complement to your wooden mirror frame, consider a DIY wooden light fixture. Cut a large piece of wood, so multiple branches reach out to hold a light. This abstract decor idea brings a natural theme into the bathroom while offering a striking ambiance guaranteed to thrill .

DIY stone bathtub surrounding

 Installing faux stone veneers is another affordable project to add to your DIY bathroom ideas list! These decals can be placed on your tub, giving it a more earthy yet sophisticated allure. This project is also great for renters because the decals can be removed easily if needed. 

DIY rope-wrapped waste-basket

DIY for bathrooms can be as simple as some rope and a glue gun. This inexpensive DIY project involves wrapping rope around a waste-basket, giving new charm to a feature often disregarded in decor. 

You can choose to keep the rope all one shade, or mix things up with multiple hues or styles of rope. 

Enhancing your bathroom doesn’t always have to mean completely remodeling the room. Sometimes all you need is a bit of creativity and DIY ideas to make a fresh impact in your home.

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