Your guide to door styles & types

by Eastside Realty Group, LLC 08/27/2023

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Many types of doors are on the market today, with different framework and wood types. Knowing your options can make all the difference when choosing the right door style to fit the appeal of your home. 

What is the most common type of door?

One of the most common door types seen in residential properties is single-hinged doors. This door type is attached to the door frame with vertical hinges on one side, while the opposite side swings out for entry.  

What wood are old doors made of?

There are many species of wood often used in doors; however, pine is seen quite frequently along with alder, which are both great species for paint work.

In addition to these wood types, many interior doors both modern and older are made of maple, oak, and cherry wood - all of which are shaped with ease and take well to both painting and staining. 

What can I do with an old door?

If you have older interior or exterior doors you’d like to repurpose, there are many ways to put them into new use. For example, you can paint an old wooden door and install a floor length mirror, which not only rejuvenates two different pieces, while also creating a classy statement piece.  

Turn old wooden doors into a fancy coffee table with some fresh paint and wooden legs for a fun contemporary spin on something that was once outdated. 

What can I do with unwanted doors?

In the case you’d like to get rid of an old door entirely, it’s essential to dispose of it in the right way. Doors built and painted in homes before 1978 often have paint containing lead, which can be very hazardous. 

It’s best to turn over older doors to a local solid waste facility, so it can be disposed of properly or checking the manufacturing guide for correct disposal instructions. 

Whether you’d like to install glass doors, french doors, or any other model, it’s best to consult a local professional for best results. Both installation and removal can be tedious, but with expert help, you can do so with ease. 

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